Train. Eat. Compete. Repeat.

About Us

Here at Raising A Champion, we have vast experience in mentoring young athletes from  the age of 8 and over. Our aim is to help families with young athletes, who are looking to break into the world of sport, develop their attitude and mentality. We’re able to work with parents and athletes to develop their skills in whichever areas they feel they need to work on.

Qualified Professionals

Our qualified physical trainers are able to offer advice on how to build on an athlete’s strength, to enhance performance at the highest levels, using only bodyweight exercises; focussing on core strength and body conditioning.

Specialist Programmes

Our programmes have been used by current world swimming champions, and we offer expert advice and support to any family willing to work with us. We’re able to support your child in any areas needed, from nutrition all the way through to discipline.

Valuable Learning

Our primary aim is to teach athletes that it is okay to lose; it is a learning experience that you can push on from.

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