Train. Eat. Compete. Repeat.

Bespoke Nutrition Plans Designed for Promising Athletes

Diet and nutrition for swimmers are of utmost importance, as they often consume more calories per day than any other athlete. Here at Raising A Champion, we’re able to utilise our knowledge and experience to produce comprehensive nutrition plans for rising stars of the swimming world.

Eating Like a Champion

Our comprehensive nutrition plans cover the importance of calories, nutrition, carbohydrates and proteins. What’s more, we’ll even emphasise the importance of drinking water while training. Whether we’re in session or in the off-season, we’ll look at your athlete’s nutrition and diet to ensure they’re able to make the most of their training. If competitions are approaching, we’ll put thorough plans together to make certain they are eating the correct amount food to perform at the very highest level.

 To get a bespoke nutrition plan, GET IN TOUCH with our team and enquire about our nutrition for swimmers programmes.