Train. Eat. Compete. Repeat.

First-Class Training Programmes Produced by Experienced Coaches

Capitalise on the know-how of our  coaches and receive top-quality, one-to-one support for your budding athlete. Here at Raising A Champion, we create extensive training programmes for up-and-coming athletes across the country, so that they can fulfil their true potential. Working closely with parents and families, we make assessments of every aspect of their lives, from nutrition right through to training.

The First Step

To begin with, we’ll carry out a consultation with you and your child, looking at what their goals are and where you want to be, all the while assessing strengths and weaknesses. Then, we’ll draw up a 3-month plan to help your family develop a positive attitude and create a culture of discipline within your home. This will entail nutrition, land training, and core training and will only be bodyweight exercises, no weights will be needed.

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 Creating a Resilient Athlete

Next, we’ll look at the weaknesses of your child, while spending time discussing their strengths; we’ll then find the best way to improve both of these areas so that your child can perform at an improving level. In addition, we’ll cover the mental approach of your promising athlete, sharing our knowledge of how to prepare for competitions and improve any PB.

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 Building Discipline in and out of Sport

Not only do our intense plans cover the sports side of your athlete, we also look to ensure that your child continues to work at the highest standards in school, too. Our aim is to create a plan with a timeframe and advise you on the best way to maintain the entire programme, helping your child become more disciplined in all aspects of their life.

Going Forward

After the 3-month plan has been completed, we’ll then delve into the statistical improvements and create a 6-month programme to focus on enhancing mental focus. Our in-depth plans will look towards gaining new personal bests and analysing transitional periods of training. By looking at the recovery time after competitions, we can assess how much time is needed between competing for your child to perform at their absolute best.

 Developing a Positive Attitude

The programme is then reworked to further enhance your child's strengths and skills, and then we'll streamline their diet and nutrition plan. We'll work on what they should expect from target-timing and the areas they need to work on most. Most importantly, we'll also teach them how to develop a positive atttitude, so that we can ensure that they are able to move on from a bad race.

Valuable Lessons

Here at Raising A Champion, we’ll teach your child the importance of getting on with their coach, and how they should give 100% in each and every training session. What’s more, we’ll also stress the value of not missing any training sessions, warm-ups, or warm-downs.

One-to-One Sessions

After the training programmes are completed, we’ll offer our one-to-one mentor service where we’ll help your child understand the complete process and ensure that they are where they want to be.

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