Train. Eat. Compete. Repeat.


”Thanks, Dad!”

Where to start? My dad has always been influential in my swimming career; from day 1, when I started at age of eight. From winning counties to winning regionals, to becoming a 6-time national champion at the age of 11. At this point, we knew I had the potential to become a very strong and unique swimmer, he put plans in place at a very early age 11, all bodyweight exercises which I still do today, but there was a lot more to it than just swimming. As the years went on, my times were improving. All my competitors were growing and getting stronger, I just stayed the same height, so we worked on the mental strength and psychology of the sport, learning to win from standing on the blocks, and being confident, not cocky. My dad just kept mentoring me; dad taught me many different and appropriate exercises, all of these because he knew swimming was all about body weight and core strength. That year, I turned 16 and went back to nationals and finished top swimmer, so we knew what we were doing was working. The next year, I grew and became a lot stronger and dominated lots of competitions, and got to represent Great Britain at the worlds - finishing 5th in the whole world, can you believe it?

Now as I was getting onto the big stage, my training became harder, so we trained smarter and my diet became proficient to my body weight and balance plan. Dad taught me more and more at home, with different body weight exercises and, more importantly, being flexible and agile. Every year I got faster and faster! I still maintain what we did years ago has benefited me, but with a few changes it is still working, but obviously, I'm 22 now and have competed all over the world for Great Britain & England. I love to race and train and will do until I can't, but they key for me is I Haven't forgotten one thing dad taught me; our relationship is even stronger today if that's possible. Thanks, Dad!!

  • 3x World champion 
  • 2x Olympic silver medallist 
  • European champion 
  • Commonwealth Champion 
  • Numerous British records

My dad didn’t just teach me about training hard & smart, he taught longevity in the water and how to win standing on the blocks. I will always be grateful to all my family; mum, Luke, and especially my dad. It’s because of him I can achieve at these levels and will continue to, love you dad xxx.” – James Guy

“Unique Knowledge”

“Andy worked with our 12/13-year-old daughter who was Regional Champion and on the England Talent squad and as everyone knows, teenagers can be tricky! Despite many of my daughter's achievements, things do not remain constant when children grow and these changes affect their ability to perform, their confidence, and the will to keep going. With Andy's unique knowledge, experience, and discipline, his vision for success never wavered, so he simply created a plan. His enthusiasm and sense of fun he shared with our daughter was dynamic and made each session hard work yet left her wanting to do more. His awareness and understanding of the mental, emotional, and physical needs of an athlete made for balanced long-term development. It's not all about now! Learning about banking great sessions and saving up for a specifically targeted race, was a great lesson to learn!”


“A Strong Coach”

“Throughout my experience with Andrew, I learnt 3 key values that contributed to my success. Consistency, dedication, and variation are ingrained in the way he coaches and this continues throughout every aspect of sporting success. From making sure you consistently hit targets to dedicating your mindset to the end goal, Andrew has an extensive knowledge of what it takes to be the best. In my experience, Andrew strives to go above and beyond to help you achieve what you want to, stressing how important it is to focus on the details and the factors others overlook. Periodization, step loading, and continual variation are a few methods he uses to help you see results, quickly. His professional manner and conduct throughout meetings and updates really make you feel like he wants to be part of your journey, not just through the cold winter but on those nervous race days. As a coach to myself, he helped me to focus on making big improvements early on within the base periods to ensure I put myself in the best possible position going into a competitive season. Nutrition, flexibility, S&C, mental awareness, and tapering were just a few of the areas Andrew really helped to make a difference in my performance. Through a track record of producing successful athletes such as his Olympic son, it is easy to trust him with helping you to reach your potential; no stone goes unturned on your journey alongside him. Having a strong coach behind you when all the training is said and done can make the difference between 2nd and 1st. I feel this is where Andrew stands out in making a world champion.”-


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